Driver Engineer



▪ Responsibilities

   Work with a team to:

- Provide effective and efficient drivers for audio/video processing hardware engines.

- Provide effective and efficient drivers for peripherals.

- Verify chip functionality and performance.

- Optimize system performance.

- Provide feedback on next-generation chip design.

   Co-work with chip design teams to:

- Verify chip performance.

- Provide feedback to improve chip performance.

   Co-work with software teams to:

- Define software architecture.


▪ Qualifications

   Minimum Qualifications:

- MS or PhD degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related field.

- Experienced in driver programming.

- Proficient in C language.


   Preferred Qualifications:

- Experienced in embedded Linux driver programming.

- Hands-on experience about UART / I2C / I2S / SPI / Flash / SDIO / USB / Ethernet / Image sensor / DRAM / PCIe.

- Outstanding problem analysis and debugging skills.

- Excellent management and leadership skills.

- Knowledge of bug tracking and revision control systems (Redmine and Git)

▪ Sites

Hsinchu / Taipei