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Dream. Design. Deliver

At Augentix, we focus on building a talent-oriented and sustainable enterprise. We expect such an enterprise is an organic body and will adapt itself to the changes from the outside world automatically. What we believe at Augentix as our core social responsibility is to maintain great corporate culture, to resolve challenges of our client, to generate and share reasonable returns with our shareholders and employees, to reinvest our company for further growth, and thus to recruit more talents and take good care of more families in return.  


To become a sustainable business, it requires comprehensive management philosophy to uphold the entire organization in addition to market insights and visions. Furthermore, it requires good corporate culture to realize the philosophy by connecting different people and different departments and by ensuring each other shares and follows the same principles. By virtuous competition and team collaboration, we can achieve innovative technology development. By making sure deploying the right person to the right position and utilizing everyone’s talents and full potential, we can create a virtuous circle to deeply cultivate our technology to maintain our competitive edge without losing innovation.

Dynamic team collaboration at the learder in advanced imaging solutions only at Augentix


We have vacancies across many divisions. Please visit our hiring board and click below to see a full list

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